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NaoYoshioka Spend My Life Short Ver.

NaoYoshioka Spend My Life Short Ver.

Osaka-born Japanese soul artist Nao Yoshioka may look like an anamoly — a Japanese soul singer? — but she is the real deal. After reaching the final stage of the coveted McDonalds Gospel Fest., and the “Top Dog” round at The Apollo Theatre Amateur Night in New York, Nao is continuing to take her career to a new level in Japan’s long and reputable soul music scene.

The Light — an album born from the dark times of a troubled teen, and her ability to hold on to a small amount of light which lit her way — is Nao’s introduction to international audiences, and she proves herself a talent worthy of attention.

We’re proud to be presenting Nao’s lead single, “Spend My Life,” as our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check out this talented young artist, and tell us what you think!

Nao Yoshioka – “Spend My Life”

10/11 Nao Yoshioka Live in Tokyo!!!

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Make the Change Project

Single Spend My Life
Produced by Brian Owens

Music Video
Producer : Hidetaka Ino(augment5 Inc.)
Director / DP / Editer : Tatsuya Suzuki
Production : augment5 Inc.

Fireking Cafe (Yoyogiuehara)

Special Thanks
Mark Vassaro:markvassallo.com/
Sadaharu Ebihara
Hidekazu Sugawara
Akira Nakamura (drums)
Yoshiki Takahashi (bass)
Takegoro Kobayashi (Key)
SAKURA (make up)
Mayumi yamada (Hair)

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